The House of Esther Organization provides foundational support through two distinct programs. In our 825 Transitional Home program, participants live, grow and evolve in the teachings of motherhood and family empowerment; for homeless young women with children. The City Center is a place where not only young women, but men are equipped with the necessary tools to impact their cities. Through a rigorous and all-inclusive GED and Wellness program, these youth and young adults are educated in the areas of Financial Management, Vocational/Trade, Performing and Fine Arts, Social Initiatives, and more.

825 Transitional Home

The House of Esther 825 Transitional Home is a transitional home that services single mothers ages 18-25 with one child for 12-18 months. We provide a safe environment for these families while assisting residents in finding employment and providing childcare during work hours. Our home offers support services, workshops, personal and group therapy to further support, educate and encourage each young woman to become self-sufficient and financially stable. Our goal is to empower residents to end destructive cycles through life-transforming principles and equip them as thriving individuals.

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City Center

The City Center is our Educational Program that is available to both young men and women ages 16 – 35 years old with children and/or pregnant. Our goal is to equip individuals through our General Education Development (GED) training along with resource courses that offer a holistic approach to empower each student and their children in academics and life skills. Our commitment along with organizational integrity at House of Esther has made it possible for us to open doors for these young adults to further their education and discover purpose for their lives. The City Center serves the surrounding Norfolk community of Hampton Roads and its housing projects of Young Terrace, Calvert Square, Grandy Village, Diggs Town, Tidewater Gardens and Oakleaf Forest.

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